What’s It All About?


The Listening Room of Grinnell College’s Burling Library has undergone a major renovation during the summer of 2011.

The expansion of the Listening Room’s public area now allows library patrons to have direct access to most of the collections of over 5,000 videos–feature and documentary films covering an extensive range of genres as well as foreign languages–and 15,000 compact discs–in Classical, popular, and world musics or spoken texts. Patrons not only have access during the Listening Room’s office hours, but whenever Burling Library is open.

Before the renovation began, the collections were housed in the Listening Room’s office and could only be retrieved by Listening Room or other library personnel. While the collections were cataloged and searchable from the library’s online catalog, there had been a recognized need to give patrons more direct access to the collections.

Work on the Listening Room and neighboring Microforms Room began in May, 2011, and engaged staff from the Grinnell College Libraries and Facilities Management departments, as well as contractors who were involved at various stages of the renovation. All but minor details in the project were completed by the end of July.

... After

This blog has kept a (mostly) weekly update of the renovation using pictures and commentary about the process.

With the shift of the bulk of the audio and video collections, only a limited number of recordings–mostly archival CDs, non-CD audio formats and videos or CDs designated as “Library Use Only”–remain in the Listening Room office.

Beginning in the Fall, 2011, patrons will find recordings placed on course reserve located at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of Burling Library or at the AV Center in ARH.

The renovation is an opening step in a longer-range plan to consolidate media-related functions across the Grinnell College campus. 

A layout of the newly renovated Listening Room is below:

Please share any comments or questions below or on the posts of this blog.  You are also welcome to visit the newly renovated Listening Room and Microforms area. For more information, please contact the Listening Room supervisor at jonesran@grinnell.edu or 641-269-3365.




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