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The Ending: We’ve Only Just Begun

August 2-25

On Tuesday, August 2nd, LR students and staff packed all the approximately 1400 videocassettes that would return from off-site storage for reintegration into the LR collections.  They also trained on elements of processing the recording accompanying booklets that would be shifted to the public area.

Facilities Management personnel delivered the videos on that Wednesday afternoon, and the LR student assistants spent the rest of the day organizing the 35 boxes for re-shelving.  Over the next couple of days, the students reintegrated the recordings into the rest of the video collection while LR staff made the move back into the LR office.

In the three weeks that followed, LR personnel placed signage on the shelves and at the player stations to aid patrons in using the facilities.  Minor–and not so minor–final details were addressed or identified for later action.  This included putting up posters in the public area, identifying minor problems with the media shelving for correction,  and identifying additional changes that would be needed in the catalog and in library procedures.  Library personnel also met to establish methods for assessing the project over the fall semester.

By the first day of classes on August 25th, the room was ready to receive new and returning students, faculty and staff.  The Libraries held its annual open house that afternoon, and the renovated Listening Room was a featured part of the event.  Patrons toured the new space and shared their enthusiastic comments about the accessible collections.

One question remains:  What will the “space formerly known as the Listening Room” be called?



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