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Week Ten: Something Old,….

July 26 – August 1

Bit by bit, some elements of the old, pre-renovation Listening Room were returned to their customary spots on Tuesday.  LR student assistants and staff reinstalled the video players and monitors on the “islands” in the public area.  However, they replaced the old rocker-style chairs with caper seating at the island video stations and at the two remaining audio stations, where the old, Star Trek-style seats had previously been bolted to the floor. Two chairs were also placed near the windows to allow patrons to sit comfortably while examining recordings.

That afternoon, students shifted approximately a quarter of the CD collection from the office to the public area, and they concentrated their efforts on that task all of Wednesday.  By early Thursday afternoon, they had shifted the remaining CDs to the public area.

There was a noticeable increase in patrons visiting the room as word spread about the new and returning services. Staff met on Friday to discuss new signage to make patron access to the public area’s recordings and equipment as self-sufficient as possible, especially during the hours when the office would not be open. On Saturday, LR staff added a new cart to display newly cataloged recordings near the windows and placed new stools in the aisles.

The Listening Room officially reopened for business on Monday at 8:00 a.m. The most obvious difference was that the public area was open for the first time when the LR office was closed.

LR staff created and placed the new, temporary signs throughout the room to assess patron views of the signs’ effectiveness. Students began preparing recordings’ accompanying booklets and Library of Congress-classified materials for the move to the public area. Also, systems staff returned equipment to the Microforms Room.

LR students began reviewing newly received recordings, and staff began preparing recordings that would be placed on reserve in their new home at Burling Circulation. Overall, these and other regular, pre-renovation activities were clear signals that things were returning to normal.



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