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Week Nine: Night Shift

 July 19-25

Tuesday began quietly.  Staff reinstalled the public computer terminal in the LR and discussed elements of the next stages of the project.  They rescheduled some elements, such as the rewiring of the Buss system, to avoid conflict with others–specifically the installation of the new media shelving.

On Wednesday, the media shelving arrived and its installation began.   Some slight adjustments had to be made to accommodate the room’s floor space yet still meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Thursday, a new challenge arose.  Contractors began moving the microform cabinets back to the Microform Room only to discover that the floor’s tilt was sufficient to cause the cabinets’ drawers to open and, in one case, fall out.  That damaged cabinet had to be replaced with one that had previously been emptied, and the cabinets have to be leveled.

The contractors finished installing all but one section of the media shelving Thursday afternoon, and library staff shifted the first of the videos to the new shelves that evening.

Student assistants finished the physical processing of the CD collection Friday morning, and they began the mass shift of the video collection from the LR office to the open media shelving.  Also, FM personnel placed new directional signage around the library.   The LR is described as “Media Collections” since the room’s new name has not yet been determined.

By 5:00 on Friday afternoon, approximately half of the videos in the office had been shifted.  Just in time to receive the first browsing patron, who gave a ringing endorsement of the new, open access to the collections.

Monday got off to an early start.  FM and library staff began moving furniture and equipment back into the LR.  Contractors rewired the Buss system to accommodate the significant reduction in the number of audio stations in the public area and the number of pieces of audiovisual equipment in the office that would be needed to play recordings for patrons.  LR student assistants finished shifting the videos and began moving the CD collection to the public area.



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