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Week Six: Time Keeps on Spinning…

June 28-July 4

Workers cleaned debris from the floors on Tuesday in preparation for laying the new carpeting.  Unfortunately, the carpet installation has become delayed, rescheduled to July 7-10.  Most of the next stages, including installation of media shelving, was placed on hold for the time being.   Workers did remove the last of the old carpeting from the LR and did some minor patching of the floor.

In the meantime, work continued on collection preparation.  Student assistants and library staff went to the library’s off-site storage facility on Wednesday and prepped many of the videos that had been moved off-site due to space limitations for reintegration into the main collections.   Library staff began cleaning the LR office and returning computers, peripherals, and other equipment as part of the preparation to re-open some of the room’s regular services.  Between the care taken by the construction workers and the plastic covering placed on office entry points, equipment, and furniture, there was minimal dust in the office to clean.  But the situation still offered an excellent opportunity to begin some intense housecleaning.

Staff continued to meet and discuss various details related to changes in LR policies, procedures for shifting the collection, and ways to assist patrons in using the collections once the recordings become directly accessible to the public.   On Friday–just in time for the three-day holiday weekend, the room returned to offering limited service, allowing patrons to check out recordings directly from the LR for the first time since construction began.

Monday was the Fourth of July, so all in the library was quiet.



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