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Week Five: What a Difference a Day Makes

June 21-27

Workers spent Tuesday installing the frames into the newly cut window spaces for the LR.  They also spackled the new drywall on the support columns and other spots in preparation for painting.  Staff tried to see the activity through the protective plastic as they passed through the cordoned-off area of the hallway.

By mid-afternoon, workers had completed the insertion of the last window frame and brought down the plastic sheeting that had obscured the view of the LR.  A library staffperson who passed as the plastic was removed remarked that after twenty years of walking down that hallway, the windows would take some getting used to.  Indeed, the difference in the hallway from Monday morning–when work began–to Tuesday afternoon was striking.  One can only wonder how much more apparent the differences will appear when the glass is in place and the wall around the frames has been repaired and painted.

LR student assistants began getting an assist from students in the library’s Processing and Circulation departments in prepping the thousands of recordings in the compact disc collection for the shift.  The additional hands increase the likelihood that the recordings will be ready for the shift once the new shelves have been installed.

Wednesday, workmen added decorative wood molding to the hallway side of the frames, creating a look comparable to other doors and windows in the library.  Thursday was the second day with cooler than usual temperatures in the 60’s, though without the all-day rain of Wednesday.  Inside the LR, the work week closed out pretty quietly.  A worker finished spackling the walls on Thursday, with the main event on Friday being the insertion of glass into the windows.

Monday began what appears to be the homestretch week on this phase of the renovation.  Workers installed wooden baseboards and wall molding, painted the walls in the LR, Microforms room and hallway, and continued working on the new windows.



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