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Week Three: And the living is easy…?

June 7-13

Outdoor temperatures soared into the 90s early this week.  Fortunately, it was far cooler indoors as workers began removing carpeting from the floors in the new LR stacks area and the microforms room on Tuesday.  Still, it was hot, sweaty labor.  By Thursday morning, they had taken up the rest of the carpet from the listening area, and they had unbolted the last of the “Star Trek” style chairs from the floor.

On Friday, the workers placed new sheetrock over the support columns, again covering the mysterious bookcover for a few more years(?).   They also removed the old coat rack that used to be attached to the LR wall facing the hallway in preparation for cutting  new windows into that wall.

The asbestos abatement contractor must next treat and remove the mastic adhesive that holds down the old floor tile.

In the meantime, library staff and student assistants continued preparing the collections for the move.  A variety of physical processing tasks and database updates have to be completed to make the collection of over 20,000 videos and compact discs as browsing-friendly as possible.  One project involves reassigning call numbers to over 1000 videos to place their titles in alphabetical order in relationship to the rest of the collection.



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